Coverage of the MTV VMA's

Below is a video of the wormhole & dripping animation entrance I created for Miley Cyrus during the 2015 MTV VMA's. 

Here is a Channel 10 Miami News story about the artwork I created for the award show. 

And a nice writeup on

MTV VMA's with Miley Cyrus

Jen Stark has been invited to create original animations and artwork for the stage and promotional material of the 32nd MTV Video Music Awards, hosted by Miley Cyrus, which will air live on August 30, 2015.

As the featured artist, Stark has reimagined the visual identity of the 32nd installment of the awards show with her unique asthetic. In an early teaser video for the show, a colorful wormhole acts as a tunnel for a floating space suit-clad Cyrus, the always entertaining Disney darling turned pop icon who brought twerking and tongue poking into the cultural mainstream. In other promotional materials, Cyrus poses playfully in front of Stark's dripping designs. Going beyond advertisement, Stark's monumental hand-painted billboard in Los Angeles of Cyrus licking a moonman on a meltdown background, act as temporary public artworks, showcasing the brilliant patterns and colors that Stark masterfully choreographs. Beginning this week, these videos will be playing on billboards in Time Square and Port Authority. For the polished precision of her animations for the show, Stark worked with David Lewandowski, director and animation artist known for his bizarrely humorous meme-prone videos.

During the show itself, Stark’s work will be featured in an animated set design displayed on a massive LED screen of the artist’s trippy, drippy scheme which will open for Cyrus’ dramatic entrance: the hostess sliding onstage through a rainbow wormhole. Stark has also customized the MTV logo for the show’s broadcast, envisioning the iconic graphic as a candy-colored meltdown.

Show airs Aug 30th at 9pm EST. 

A hand-painted billboard was created in Los Angeles located at the intersection of Hollywood & Vine.

A hand-painted billboard was created in Los Angeles located at the intersection of Hollywood & Vine.

Dripping Animation to be used during the show.

Miami New Times

Nice writeup in the Miami New Times by Liz Tracy



The Surf Lodge

I just finished an artist residency at The Surf Lodge in Montauk, NY.  While there I created a large scale mural on the side of the bldg, as well as a solo show in their gallery space. Check out the videos and photos of the process below.

photo by Studio ZOO NYC

Womanhouse Group show at Eric Firestone Gallery

My latest work will be in a group show at Eric Firestone Gallery this Saturday May 23rd.

Womanhouse | May 23 – June 14, 2015

Opening Reception: May 23rd, 6 – 9 PM

Artist Include: Nina Chanel Abney, Joa Baldinger, Sarah Braman, Julia Chiang, Judy Chicago, Evie Falci, Orly Genger, Maya Hayuk, Misaki Kawai, Maia Ruth Lee, Keiko Narahashi, Amanda Ross-Ho, Miriam Shapiro, Shinique Smith, Agathe Snow, Jen Stark, Jessica Stockholder, Despina Stokou, Vadis Turner, Wendy White, and Chloe Wise.

The original 1972 Womanhouse project was organized by Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro, who founded the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) Feminist Art Program. Womanhouse was conceived by a member of Chicago and Schapiro’s program staff, art historian Paula Harper, who The New York Times celebrated as “the first [of] art historians to bring a feminist perspective to the study of painting and sculpture.” By taking over and remodeling a deserted Hollywood mansion, the artists behind the original Womanhouse aimed to confront social issues through physical labor, while they learned how to renovate their dilapidated home. Chicago and Schapiro encouraged their students to step outside of constructed gender roles and challenge their identities as artists.

The work collected in Womanhouse (2015) is inspired in part by Chicago and Schapiro’s commitment to dignifying material and labor within an art practice. Such as in Sarah Braman’s work, where medium gives rise to form as plexi and steel are combined with mundane objects to make new constructions that feel counterintuitive, yet remain translucent and light. Similarly, Agathe Snow uses industrial materials such as fiberglass, pegboard and steel resulting in refined works that speak of environmental and moral decay, giving new life to the factory-made materials she uses in her assemblages.

Kemper Museum

One of my large paper sculptures is in a group show at the Kemper Museum in Kansas City. Show runs January 30–April 26, 2015

"Meltdown" / 6ft x 8ft / 2012 / acid-free paper, glue, wood

Piece by Piece: Building a Collection premieres a selection of more than 30 objects in a range of media by 26 national and international artists from the Kansas City–based collection of Christy and Bill Gautreaux. The exhibition results from an enriching collaboration with the collectors and reflects extensive curatorial research into their energizing and ever-evolving contemporary art collection for which we are profoundly grateful. It highlights a global perspective, including established and emerging artists from Africa, Afro-Caribbean regions, Europe, India, Latin America, and the United States.

Meditations on process, pattern, and material emerge as a major thread connecting the works, anchoring the artists’ themes of abstraction, the body and gesture, race and politics, as well as landscape and geography. The exhibition presents a distinguished vision in the building and shaping of a unique collection. The Gautreauxes note that “Most of this work was collected one or two pieces at a time, often spontaneously,” acknowledging, “It is exciting to see it curated by the Kemper Museum into a cohesive exhibition.” It is our hope that this focus on artists’ engagement with material and process, elevating themes significant to their practice, will prompt continued dialogue with contemporary art at the Kemper Museum.

Artists include: Sanford Biggers, McArthur Binion, Sarah Braman, Nick Cave, Nathaniel Donnett, Leonardo Drew, Andrew Erdos, Teresita Fernandez, Vibha Galhotra, Theaster Gates, Jeffrey Gibson, Michelle Grabner with Brad Killam, Hayv Kahraman, Glenn Kaino, Bharti Kher, Katrin Korfmann, Aimé Mpane, Vik Muniz, Toyin Odutola, Angel Otero, Mariana Palma, Ebony G. Patterson, Jen Stark, Mickalene Thomas, and Kara Walker.

Channel 10 News

My latest mural in the Miami International Airport, "Meltdown" was featured on Channel 10 News in South Florida. See the video here:

Miami International Airport Mural

I just completed my latest mural, "Meltdown", a permanent installation at Miami International Airport. The mural is located between Terminal D&E on the 3rd level, just off the moving skywalk. Check it out next time you pass through the Miami airport. Photos by Peter Vahan. "Passengers at Miami International Airport can now have a colorful “meltdown” experience when they walk past Meltdown, a new, permanent art mural by Miami artist Jen Stark. Meltdown greets visitors to MIA with a cascade of color and patterns when they enter the airport’s North Terminal on the third floor from the parking garage or the MIA Mover station.

According to Stark, creating Meltdown took a little more than a week with the assistance of several volunteers she enlisted to help her paint the intricate mural.  “I typically had four assistants per night,” said Stark.  “One of the last nights I had 10 people. I worked eight nights, six hours a night, for a total of 48 hours.”

“We are excited to provide an opportunity for emerging artists like Jen Stark to bring their artistic vision to MIA and use the transformative power of art to enhance the customer experience at the airport,” said Miami-Dade Aviation Department Director Emilio T. González.  “Once again, MIA is at the forefront of exposing the work of these talented artists to an entirely new audience.”

In Starks’ own words, “Meltdown is a large-scale mural depicting organic patterns oozing down, creating a waterfall of colors. My artwork concentrates on the hypnotic, time-intensive process of cutting and layering. The patterns I create mimic the repetitive intricate layers of plants as well as the geometric framework of the universe.”

Meltdown is Stark’s latest project and expands on her previous work of creating complex colorful sculptures from paper and other media.  Her work frequently explores ideas of replication and infinity, echoing the patterns and intelligent designs found in nature."

Teepee Project X Mondrian

This Tuesday I'll be debuting a new teepee I recently painted at the Mondrian Hotel on Miami Beach. Tuesday DEC 2ND, 6PM – 9PM | MISSHAPES | DJ: DAVID KATZ




#LIGHTSHOP with Paul Kasmin Shop

During Art Basel Miami I will have a new light sculpture edition available through Paul Kasmin Shop. The opening will take place at the Soho Beach House on Miami Beach.

PK SHOP x MdM #LIGHTSHOP will be open daily from December 4 - 7, 2014, 11AM - 6PM at the Soho Beach House, Miami Beach located at at 4385 Collins Avenue.  Featuring artist editions by Mattia Bonetti, Saint Clair Cemin, FriendsWithYou, Marcia Grostein, Deborah Kass, Claude Lalanne, Elle Muliarchyk, Ivan Navarro, Courtney Smith, Jen Stark, and other artists in collaboration with the traveling ethical fashion pop-up Maison de Mode, this year marks PK SHOP's second collaboration with MdM, founded and curated by creative director Hassan Pierre and social activist and Town & Country editor Amanda Hearst and collaborator Lily Kwong.

Tunnel / 11" x 12" x 14" / hand-cut MDF wood, spray paint, varnish, glue, light bulb & 12 ft cord / 2014

Pool Party Miami

I'm excited to announce a new limited edition pool float I designed for a FriendsWithYou X Grey Area curated pool party at Soho Beach House on Friday Dec 5th from 4-8pm. Come out, celebrate with us, and bring your bathing suit! Please RSVP to this email if you plan to come:

Grey Area Presents, Pool Party, a limited edition series of artist designed pool toys curated in collaboration with FriendsWithYou! From a giant googly-eyed rock by FriendsWithYou, to a rainbow colored intergalactic wheel by Jen Stark, to a pair of oversized pink breasts by Misaki Kawai, to a seven-and-half-foot tall basketball player by Devin Troy Strother, these inflatable sculptures expand the limits of how art can be experienced. Join in on the fun and experience art in an entirely new way!


Last week I painted a teepee in East Hampton through Eric Firestone gallery. We used outdoor house paint and it took 2 days to complete. Here are some photos:


Studio 360

The radio show 'Studio 360' recently posted an article about my work on their blog. Check out the post HERE.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 12.39.46 PM

Psychedelic Paper Art or High-Level Math?

By Sruthi Pinnamaneni

Jen Stark's lush paper landscapes seem both psychedelic and scientific. Using trippy shapes and colors, she draws you into a place of quiet mystery. It's the kind of work that's equally at home on the covers of science magazines and billboards.

Mathematicians, in particular, get rather touchy feely about Stark's work — they send her notes comparing her sculptures to complex equations and theories of infinity. One e-mailed her a paper by Cornell University mathematician Karen Vogtmann, pointing out the similarities between Stark's Burst and Vogtmann's concept of Outer Space. That's not the space we know with the sun and the stars but rather a mathematical idea. An Outer Automorphism is a collection of groups, each filled with ways to map points of an object to itself, while maintaining the object’s deeper structure. It can get your brain all twisted up just thinking about it and so can Stark’s art objects.

Stark is not a mathematician or scientist. She studied art in Maryland and in 2004, spent a summer in Aix-en-Provence. She found she couldn’t afford French pastels or oil paints, so she bought blocks of kiddy construction paper and began cutting. The meticulous, sequential work felt meditative, Stark says.

A single sculpture can take months to finish, built layer by wafer-thin layer. Stark makes everything by hand and has to pace herself so she doesn’t wreck her fingers. She's come up with a few cheats: she wears mittens and pads her X-Acto knife with cotton balls. Having a sense of humor helps too. For one sculpture, Stark cut 10,000 shapes of paper every day for 100 days. The title of the piece: How to Become a Millionaire in 100 Days.

"Way Out West" Public Art Billboard

I just created a  billboard "Driptych" in San Francisco through The Art City Project. If you're in the city, go take a look. In San Francisco on 16th & South Van Ness.


July 7th - August 17th, 2014

Join us for the Way Out West launch event on July 17th!

The Art City Project proudly presents Way Out West, a celebration of the idea of California and its history as fertile ground for dreamers, pioneers, and counterculture. The exhibition reflects on the changing social landscape of the West Coast and explores the role of contemporary art in public spaces.

Way Out West revisits the California experience by transforming outdoor advertising into new space for art to live and breathe. The month-long installation — which spans billboards, transit shelters, bus takeovers, and other alternative space throughout San Francisco’s transitional inner Mission neighborhood — will feature art from contemporary artists with roots in California.

Brett Amory / Apex / Pakayla Rae Biehn / Anthony Discenza Double Zero (Annie Vought and Hannah Ireland) / Jeremy Fish Casey Gray / Desirée Holman / Chris Johanson / Jet Martinez Alicia McCarthy /Alia Penner / Andrew Schoultz Dave Schubert / Jen Stark / Zio Ziegler

and featuring artwork by Creativity Explored artists Andrew Li, John Patrick McKenzie, and Kate Thompson

Curated by Tova Lobatz and Jenny Sharaf