"DOUBLE RAINBOW RAINBOW" Maya Hayuk & Jen Stark / May 12

On Thursday May 12th, Maya Hayuk and I will be presenting our 2-person show "DOUBLE RAINBOW RAINBOW" at Show & Tell Gallery in Toronto. The show will feature all new work, and my new animation with music by Dan Deacon. Check it out! This exhibition, aptly titled DOUBLE RAINBOW RAINBOW, focuses on symmetry, radiant colors, and positive energy. Each artist works in a variety of mediums in which they evoke macro and micro science, holograms, and rorschach tests, with hypnotic, sacred and sensual results. While both artists share a similar obsessiveness and boldness, Maya's process appears effortless and instinctive; Jen's is more calculated and predetermined. Together these artists will present an optical delight that will melt your face.

For more info contact: Show & Tell Gallery 1161 Dundas St. West Toronto, ON M6J 1X3 CANADA #647-347-3316