"Summer Reading" group show at The Hole Gallery

My work is included in a group show at The Hole Gallery in NYC. I hope you can make it out.

Tri Angular-eyelevel

Tri Angular / 35" x 35" x 25" / acrylic paint on wood / 2010

SUMMER READING July 18 – August 24, 2013 OPENING: Thursday, July 18 from 6-9pm

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Airan Kang / Alexander Rodriguez / Andre Saraiva / Andrew Kuo / Brad Phillips / Brian Belott / Brian Dettmer / Clare Rojas / David Shrigley / Devin Troy Strother / Dustin Yellin / Gareth Long / Geoff McFetridge / Harland Miller / Hollie Chastain / Holton Rower / Jacqueline Rush Lee / Jen Mazza / Jen Stark / Jesse Edwards / John Copeland / Kembra Pfahler / Leo Fitzpatrick / Long Bin Chen / Matthew Higgs / Matthew Stone / Michael Dumontier / Miranda July /Neil Farber / Paul Bright / Peter Funch / Scott Reeder / Sean Landers / Shane Bradford / Simon Evans / Taylor McKimens / Toilet Paper / Troels Carlsen

The Hole is proud to present “Summer Reading”, a group exhibition and transformation of our Bowery galleries into a giant art book reading room. With works of painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, artists in this show explore the relationship of literature and print media to the realm of fine arts, or perhaps the slippages of meaning and experience between the act of reading and that of looking.

Please join us any lazy summer afternoon to come in to check out the exhibition and grab something off the shelves and sit in a big chair and peruse it. With over five thousand titles within reach on our shelves, including contributions from Printed MatterD.A.P., powerHouse BooksPictureBoxAnteism and many of our gallery friends, this free reading room will contain a lot of new titles and rare old catalogues.

Our library furniture was generously provided by Bright Lyons in Brooklyn, run by Paul Bright whose contribution to the exhibition is an installation of his massive zine collection installed on the back wall of the gallery.