The new issue is now on its way... superb cover artwork by Jen Stark, plus 160 pages full of exclusive artwork. To be released in september, watch out for the launching events where you may get it for free or with promotional discount. ROJO Cover

Artwork by:Jen Stark, Fupete, Javier Tles, Ros Dolan, Cubicles, Christophe Remy, Javier Fernandez Perez De Lis, Alessandro Mele, Ben Summers, Jonas Linell, Fellowsisters, Jan Von Holleven, P.Williams, Sacha Fédérowsky, Mars-1,Filipo Minelli, Charles, Wilkin, Ditz Fejer, Sergei Sviatchenko, MWM, Above, Miguel Avecilla Varela, Luca Cervini, Georg Molterer, Os Gemeos, Eruklab.