Jen Stark & Rory Macarthur: Opening May 14

My work will be in a 2-person show on May 14, 2010 in Miami at Carol Jazzar's. It should be an amazing show, so if you're in Miami, come out! Jen Stark & Rory Macarthur: Opening Friday, May 14 from 7-11 pm at Carol Jazzar's. JenStark

Carol Jazzar is pleased to present JEN STARK / RORY MACARTHUR, a two person exhibition of new three-dimensional work.

Miami based Jen Stark’s vibrant oeuvre of the last few years comes full circle here with works that pay homage to her own prolific trajectory. A recessed paper hole in the wall reminiscent of a seminal early work sets the tone for a reflective collection of characteristically mystifying sculptures. Complex gradients and intricate, mingling lattices of color and geometry push the envelope of the artist’s own expectations and explode the ocular sense. A freestanding zig-zag form that invites viewers to encompass it, beguiled by its illusionistic surface further enforces the 360 degree quality to this offering.

Rory MacArthur's series is an ambitious investigation into what the artist perceives as the limitless possibilities of non-representational painting. Borne of voluminous, fastidious preparatory drawings, many of which are realized as final works, these candied beauties, all pink, green and melted, exemplify a thoroughness of approach that is important to emphasize in light of their effortless appearances. From an elaborate but direct process involving the repeated carving, sanding and sealing of multiple layers of Styrofoam, the painting, applied to its labor intensive substrata with both roller and air, enamels its topographic playground like a seductive skin, undermining and underlining the inherent physicality.

With shared concerns, exhaustive methodologies and a penchant to produce catalysts for a kind of spiritual reverie through meditation and psychedelic awe, these artists and their occasionally overwhelming creations seem to tease magic from thin air, making work that floats and pulsates as if supplied by an unseen force. Each piece exacting a kind of visual dance with illusionistic qualities of surface and paint, our privilege is not so much to witness, as it is to participate.

158 NW 91st Street  •  Miami, Florida  33150  •  P 305 490 6906