Flaunt Magazine Interview

New interview in Flaunt magazine where I talk about art, mushrooms & octopus. Interview & photos by Dominoe Farris. Check it out HERE.

Your use of wildly vibrant colors meshed with intricate patterns are quite psychedelic. What are some of the influences that have helped inspire your work?

My work is inspired by so many different things from designs in nature, to fractals, mysteries of the universe, and patterns & ideas brought on by altered states. Lately I’ve been reading "Food of the Gods" by Terence McKenna, which talks about how the human brain may have evolved thanks to the help of psilocybin mushrooms, medicine plants and altered states of consciousness, which I find fascinating.

Where do you see yourself in 5 months? I was going to ask 5 years but 5 months sounds more reasonable. Any new projects cooking?

In 5 months I’ll be working on my solo NYC show for the fall, and possibly doing some traveling either to Mexico City or Istanbul. I’ll also come out with a clothing line by then, so keep a look out for that!

Standard question: What is your spirit animal and why? It can also be another person (people are animals too).

It’s funny my friend Meredith who is a healer and does a form of reiki calls me her spirit animal. I never realized people could be spirit animals, but it makes sense. My spirit animal would probably be an octopus because of their fluid motions, beautiful camouflage patterning and adaptability to different environments. I mainly just think they’re very cool and mysterious.

Please describe what kind of environment you work best in. I imagine you work long hours yet you seem very peaceful and grounded. How do you maintain that balance?

I work best in my studio when things are organized, no outside noise and lots of nice lighting. I do work long hours, but I also have a couple assistants which helps me greatly. I try to meditate twice a day and stay focused in my work practice. I work best when I’m not stressed out about anything, and my mind is allowed freedom to roam. When I have creative blocks, I’ll do something different to help get the inspiration flowing. Like walking around in nature, reading a good book, running or taking a bath.

How has social media influenced your life?

Social media has been incredible in exposing my artwork to a larger audience. I definitely embrace it and think social media plays a big factor in artist lives today. For me, it has been an amazing way of showing my artwork to viewers around the world, and especially people who might not have normal access to art museums and galleries. It’s incredible when people see my public murals or sculptures online and want to share them with their own network of friends. Its a great feeling.

What would your dream commission be and what would you want to make? What would your materials include? I’m talking about making artwork anywhere and/or for any person, dead or alive, with an obscene budget.

My dream commission would definitely be a public sculpture in nature. I’d love to create a large scale sculpture that incorporates renewable energy and gives back energy to us, yet at the same time is an intriguing and beautiful object. It would be amazing to do this in a park or at a school (and that same energy would go directly into the school). I’d probably create it out of metal to withstand the elements.